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Similarities and differences between a comprehensive health assessment


The success of any health history and physical assessment rests, in part, with obtaining and maintaining the patient’s cooperation. Suppose you have been assigned to perform a complete head-to-toe assessment of a patient who is an IV drug user with open wounds on the arms, legs, and lips. Part 1 Describe your approach to completing a comprehensive assessment and health history in this case. How will you address the patient’s substance use? What communication techniques will you use? Explain. Are there any special implications for documentation? What ethical dilemmas might surface in regard to this patient’s care? What resources would you consider recommending / referring for this patient? Include some of these resources in your post. What legal and / or ethical principles apply? What health promotion is necessary for this patient? Please explain.

Part 2 Consider the similarities and differences between a comprehensive health assessment and a focused assessment. Address the following: Should nurses conduct a focused assessment on each patient or a comprehensive health assessment? Are the findings bound to be the same? Explain why or why not. Describe how you would adapt the health assessment to a healthy school-aged child, a pregnant adolescent, 3/4/2019 . What is necessary for these individual patient populations? Which type of assessment do you use most often in your practice? What principles from the course can you apply to your practice? How has this course built upon existing health assessment skills?

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