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Australian Bar Review 245; and Dr Paul White ‘It still doesn’t seem to

1.1 Overview Assessment Item 1 requires students to prepare and submit a Research Essay on the below: Read Professor Rosalind Croucher, ‘150 years of Torrens — Too much, too little, too soon, too late?’ (2009) 31 Australian Bar Review 245; and Dr Paul White ‘It still doesn’t seem to register,. Is the Torrens system for real property dealings effective 150 years after its enactment in Australia?’ (2008) 16 Australian Property Law Journal 81 (in Materials on iLearn). Drawing upon these readings, and your own research, is the Torrens title system still the most effective way to deal with real property interests?

1.2 Task The student is to write a 3000-3500 word essay in response to the topic. In addition to reading the stimulus material, you should carry out your own research. For the Research Essay, all sources must be properly referenced in your text with complete citations included in a conventionally formatted bibliography. Use the Harvard system of referencing.

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