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capitalism: ethical or not?

One paper is required for this course. It will be worth 500 points. The paper will be 2,500-3,000 words in length, computer generated or typed, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins. A single spaced paper will be about five pages a double spaced paper will be about ten pages. This is not an exact science but please be within 100 words of the word count and include a word count either at the top or bottom of the paper, Photos, pictures, title page and works cited page do not apply to the word count. Papers require a minimum of three credible sources the text books may be used as a source but cannot be included in the minimum sources count. A works cited page is required. The paper’s 500 points breaks down as follows: Ethical vocabulary: 100pts. Ethical Theory: 150 pts. Research: 150 pts. minimum of three sources Presentation/organization: 100 pts. Papers are to be submitted via Blackboard into drop box for “Final Papers” don’t forget the works cited page.

#capitalism #ethical

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