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Prescribing for Friends

Review Carolyn Buppert’s video regarding ‘Prescribing for Friends’. This is important for you to review for your own practice. Your response this week should either reflect a summary of findings for prescriptive privileges OR practice privileges. References: Internet documents including Google references, blogs, Wikipedia, .com, or other non-scholarly documents should not be used for referencesCreditable Internet websites include .org, .edu, .gov or Health On the Net (HON) approved sitesScholarly professional online journals retrieved from the library using bibliographic databases or national professional organizations are acceptableAll articles must be within a five-year timeframe unless otherwise stated by the instructor or a classic/historical source as defined by APACitation of an article/source/reference implies that the student has personally retrieved and read the cited workComplete citations within the body of the postings and the reference list according to APA format

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