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Information technology management: Ensuring Successful Implementation

The Topic of the Paper is: Ensuring Successful Implementation of Public Sector IT Initiatives: Evidence-Based Guidance for a State E-Government Project. The term research paper will be an individual paper that draws on the concepts learned in the course, evidence from the real world and at least 20 references from the IT and/or e-government literature. Your paper should be 10 double spaced pages, excluding references, applying the concepts discussed in the course and supported by empirical evidence from the real world.

Empirical evidence consists of examples of real world public sector IT projects that reflect some of the concepts discussed in the lectures regarding system failures, implementation challenges, success factors and other considerations in public information management. The paper should have at least 20 references from the IT and/or e-government literature. For the purpose of this research paper, you are to make the following assumptions: Your state government has budgeted an amount of $50million for the development of an information system that will integrate the state’s procurement, accounts payable, inventory, and revenue management processes. The duration of the project will be 24 months.

If need be, key modules of the application will be implemented in phases. The project management team has engaged your services as a research analyst to provide evidence-based advice on implementation challenges and best practices. Present to the state government and the project management team a 10 page, double-spaced research paper providing advice and guidance that is supported by empirical evidence from the real world and the literature, including at least 20 references. Make sure you apply the concepts learned in this course in your paper. The paper must include the following sections: Introduction and background of study The role and importance of information technology and e-government in public administration The challenges of managing public sector IT projects, such as this $50 million project Models of System Development and Methodology Considerations in make or buy decisions Best practices and critical success factors in public sector IT and e-government implementation How the government and project team can minimize implementation failure Recommendations stating your guidance and choice of development approach Conclusion

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