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 Instructions: Managerial Epidemiology and Statistics Exercise 2 – Forecasting Prepare a 3-5 page essay analyzing a current healthcare problem. Problem: Based on statistics retrieved for the Baltimore Metropolitan Area, the number of HIV diagnoses by year is presented in Table 1. Given this data, forecast the future of HIV diagnoses for the Baltimore Metropolitan area using regression analysis. Discuss regression analysis and the regression summary output and its significance to health services management. Table 1 HIV Diagnoses for Baltimore Metropolitan Area 2007 1,205 2008 1,152 2009 925 2010 941 2011 721 2012 682 2013 622 2014 586 2015 545 2016 515 Retrieved from: Please include two visuals to illustrate the trends occurring over time. Submit Managerial Epidemiology and Statistics Exercise 2 using the link provided below.

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