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Forensic Nursing Case Study

 Description This case illustrates the anatomy of a lawsuit between a plaintiff (Ann Roe), who brings a complaint against a defendant (Nurse Web), A SANE. The lawsuit is filed by Attorney Joseph Jones on behalf of Ann roe against Nurse Web and the University General Hospital in a state court in Certain County/Parrish in Any State. Nurse Web and the hospital are represented by Attorney Oliver Ott. Ann Roe presents in the emergency room disheveled, crying, and complaining of unbearable pain while a man supports her as she clutches her abdomen. Ann introduces the man to security guard and the triage nurse as her brother. Although hunched over, her pace is urgent, and within moments she reaches for the arm of the triage nurse. The triage nurse is taken by surprise and immediately notices blood on Ann’s pants. When the triage nurse questions Ann, she becomes hysterical, causing disruption in the ER. The triage nurse immediately takes Ann away as her brother goes to the waiting room. Nurse Web leads Ann to a curtained bay and assists Ann to a treatment table. Ann confides to Nurse Web that she was raped by the man who brought her in, that the man in the waiting room is not her brother. Nurse Web immediately moves Ann to a secure private room and quiet environment. Once Ann became calm, Nurse Web asked her if she was having any active bleeding. When Ann responds she is not bleeding, Nurse Web asks if Ann will consent to a physical examination, with the intent of collecting evidence. Ann hesitates momentarily and then verbally consents to the exam. Nurse Web again asks if there are any injuries that she needs to know about immediately, and once again Ann denies any urgent physical injuries. Nurse Web, a SANE, explains the procedure for the physical examination and the evidence collection. Nurse Web explains that, as evidence collection. Nurse Web then explains that, as part of the procedure, she must call both the county police for an investigator to interview Ann and the rape center advocate for Ann’s emotional support. Although upset and crying, once again Ann agrees. Nurse Web, realizing she has to retrieve a camera from another department, tells Ann not to move from the table, go to the bathroom, wash herself, or rinse her mouth, as this will degrade or destroy any evidence Nurse Web will have to collect. Ann nods that she understands. Nurse Web leaves the room to get the camera and to get the assistance of another nurse to contact the police department and rape center for an advocate. Nurse Web returns to Ann’s room in 15 minutes. She notices the door to Ann’s room is ajar, and Ann, still on the table, is splinting the left side of her abdomen and bleeding profusely. As Nurse Web approaches, Ann screams, “He just stabbed me!” The security guard, hearing the screams, enters the doorway to Ann’s room while Nurse Web pushes the page for the physician STAT. The security guard asks Ann who stabbed her, and Ann replies, “That man with me is not my brother. He was the one who raped me in my apartment, and now he stabbed me.” Nurse Web forgot that Ann confided in her earlier that the man in the waiting room was not Ann’s brother because she was intent on proceeding with the collection of evidence. The alleged perpetrator is noted to have left the ER moments after the triage nurse gave him access to the back of the ER to “check on his sister.” Ann is taken to the operating room for emergency surgery as the knife pierced her spleen and caused massive hemorrhaging. Questions 1. Is the hospital responsible for providing a safe environment? 2. Did Nurse Web breech a standard of care in any way? 3. Who is responsible for notifying or knowing who accompanied this patient? 4. Is the hospital still liable if the patient lied about the “brother”? 5. What should be documented by Nurse Web? 6. Should Nurse Web have left the patient unattended? What are the policies, procedures, or protocols? Complete this assignment utilizing APA format. It must be at least 2 page in length, not counting the title page and reference page.

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