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Introduction of contraband (cellular phones) into correctional

Project Objectives: To identify the security issues created by the introduction and possession of cellular phones, by inmates, in correctional institutions. Identify at least one significant prison or jail incident that involved the use of cellular phones by inmates. To identify the methods by which cellular phones are introduced into correctional institutions. To identify promising methods either currently employed or in development that will assist prison administrators to establish contraband interdiction programs that will reduce or eliminate the introduction of cellular phones into institutions by inmates. Assignment; Research the field of Corrections, correctional journals, correctional periodicals, various departments of correction, and other resources to determine if there are any programs currently being employed or in development which will assist prison administrators to reduce or eliminate the introduction of cellular phones into correctional institution. Write a report on your findings providing a description of the promising program (if it exists), the elements that lead to the success of the program, and the program structure and design that provide for an effective and successful correction program. Identify the issues that must be addressed in order to prevent the introduction of cellular phones into correctional institutions. The report should include a minimum of two outside sources (not including course instructional materials).

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