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MHR523 Introduction to Human Resources Management Individual

The purpose of this assignment is to explore how Human Resource Management (HRM) issues may exist in real life scenarios outside the classroom.  Your task has two components: (1) find a newspaper article related to HRM, and (2) write an essay about the article, your textbook, and at least 4 additional, credible sources to support your analysis.

Your newspaper article should be from a reputable newspaper (paper or online source).  Examples include, but are not limited to, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail and the National Post.   The article must be from the past 4 months, at least 4 paragraphs long, and related to HRM concepts that we discuss in class.  The article can be about local, provincial, national, or international topics, however, original articles must be written in English. You do not need to include actual copies of the article or reference articles/reports, but be sure to include full citations to all information used at the end of your report. As part of the citation, please also be sure to include an active link to the original article used for your analysis.

Your essay (maximum 5 pages, double-spaced. The 5 page limit does not include the cover page and works cited page) about the article should have the following format:

Cover page with your name, student number, your seminar leader’s name, and date of submission.

Identification of the main HR issue(s) raised in the primary news article. One sentence per main issue.

A brief summary of the article (approximately 100-200 words).

A detailed explanation of the main HR issue(s) supported by references. 

A detailed discussion of the implications for businesses, employees, and/or society that arise from the article.  (In other words, how does the subject of your news article affect any or all stakeholders: business, employees, and/or the general public?).

A conclusion emphasizing what HR can learn from the issues raised in your news article.

A works cited (or bibliography) that includes the main article used for your analysis with an active link to the article’s source; appropriate reference to the chapters used from the course textbook; and references to all additional sources.

Your essay should include references from the textbook and at least four (4) credible and reliable sources to support your analysis of the news article. I would like at least 3 of your credible sources to be from a peer-reviewed journal. One of your credible sources may be from another newspaper (e.g., Globe and Mail, New York Times). Please do not reference blogs or Wikipedia.

A list of examples of relevant HR journals will be posted on D2L. This list is not exhaustive and is only meant as a guideline. You are welcome to use information from other academic journals not on this list.  You may search for and access scholarly journals through the Ryerson University Library’s home page. Be sure to include appropriate APA citations for all references used in your essay.

Summary of Marking Criteria (detailed rubric attached):

The news article chosen is relevant to HRM and a detailed and compelling reason for relevance to HR is given.

Article is clearly and accurately summarized.

The HR concepts in the article have been clearly and correctly identified.

At least 3 HR themes from the article have been explained in detail using appropriate, additional external references to support the discussion. HR themes may come from any part of the textbook, not just the chapters covered to date.

A detailed discussion of the potential implications of the main news article for various stakeholders is provided and supported by appropriate references. (Who may be impacted by the theme, and how are they impacted?)

A brief conclusion highlights what HR can learn from the issues raised in the news article.

Writing is clear and includes effective use of vocabulary. Ideas are expressed fluently and in an organized manner. No mechanical or grammatical errors.

The essay uses at least 4 additional sources (i.e. above and beyond the course textbook). Sources are appropriate for the topic as well as fully and accurately cited consistent with the APA format.

A detailed rubric will be posted on D2L in addition to these assignment instructions. Be sure to review the rubric before completing your assignment.

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