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Primary Source Analysis

Description A primary source is any document, letter, newspaper article, photo, drawing, object, or artefact from a specific historical moment. It is something by and/or for the people of the time in which it was created. Each PSA will include the following: • Citation: Full citation to the extent possible. For most of the primary sources in this course the citation will be included on the source itself so all you have to do is reproduce it. • Description: What is it (e.g., poem, legal code, letter, newspaper article)? • Authorship: Who wrote/created it? When was it created? • Purpose: What was the original purpose of the document? And who is the intended audience? You may have to extrapolate here. When possible, include specific details (evidence in the form of quotations) from the document that support the author’s purpose. • Significance: What does the document reveal about the historical moment in which it was created? You may also discuss how the document relates to the unit as a whole (readings, lecture, and other primary sources). Use examples from both the assigned readings and your document to support your claims. Be specific and precise. Notes: • Bullet points are acceptable where appropriate, however, questions 4 and 5 require complete and well-developed sentences/paragraphs.

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