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Purpose of life

Purpose of Life Essay I: Compose a 6 page, double-spaced, APA-formatted response to the following questions (you do not have to answer all questions): (1) What three personal values best describe you? Assume someone challenges you and says, “That’s not true!” Defend each characteristic you listed with a real experience that exemplifies it is true. (2) The five values at Cal State East Bay are: Truth, Justice, Compassion, Partnership and Community. Write about whether people in your work organization (a) are truthful, (b) pursue justice [fairness for all], (c) are compassionate, (d) develop partnerships, and (e) engage others in the spirit of community, one short paragraph per value. Support your conclusions with examples. (3) At some point in your life an injustice to someone else cried out to your heart and mind that led you to demand justice. Whether it was a news story, an article, a talk you attended, a call from a friend, or something you observed, it moved you to seek justice. What was it? Why did you feel it was unjust? (4) Based on all this information about yourself, discuss your belief system about human beings, business, and society.

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