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Annotated bibliography: The Abolition Movement

This research assignment should match the annotated bibliography. So if possible can these two orders have the same writer. Paper Details: Research assignment regarding The Abolition Movement. Your research paper should include: An introduction to your topic, including your thesis statement A body of several pages that develops your thesis and includes supporting evidence from your primary and secondary source research, including the Voyages database A conclusion that synthesizes the information and ideas you have presented and provides your conclusions In-text citations in either APA or Chicago/Turabian format

A complete reference page that includes both your outside sources and any course materials you used The Final Project should be 8-10 pages (2000-2500 words) not including the title page and references, and double-spaced. Sources should be cited and referenced in APA format. If it is helpful the course materials are The Atlantic Slave Trade by David Northrup; The Atlantic Slave Trade by Herbert Klien; Where the Negroes were Masters by Randy Sparks; and website.

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