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Research Project: Science Reported in Media vs. Science Reported in


Goals of the Report

− to demonstrate that you are able to research diverse scientific aspects of astronomy − to research material at a sufficient depth − to compare the quantity and quality of research as reported in popular media sources versus original scholarly research findings − to communicate your research in a clear and concise manner, with proper English language grammar, demonstrating that you understand the topics presented Topics of Research Since astronomy is essentially the study of the whole universe, a wide variety of topics are suitable for this research project. The only topic-suitability requirement is that the scientific research in question is on a subject related to any of the topics studied in our course. The other requirement is that the research is of an observational nature (i.e. where quantifiable observations/measurements were taken), rather than of theoretical nature (i.e. where only computer models and/or theoretical models were studied, without observational measurements taken). These are very broad topic categories, to allow you the greatest flexibility in finding a suitable research article. 

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