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What Factors which effect business student success” and whether a

Readings Boulton JG, Allen PM, Bowman C. (2015) Embracing Complexity: Strategic Perspectives for an Age of Turbulence Chp 5-10 Ketterer JJ. Chaos and complexity: the uses of the foremost metaphor of the new millennium pg 34-55 Christakis NA1, Fowler JH. The spread of obesity in a large social network over 32 years. Pg. 370-379 Barabási A-L, Bonabeau E. Scale-Free Networks. Pg. 50-59.

Topic is how my research proposal which is on” What Factors which effect business student success” and whether a “Quantum teaching style” or students with quantum learning styles” do better in in first year business classes such as principles of accounting and intro to finance. My lit review where about all the traditional factors which people have proposed cause students to succeed in business major classes.

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