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Analyze Beuaty and the Beast

Movie analyze, View the film and identify 3 different social-psychological principles that appear to be operating in the events or individuals depicted in the film( cognitive, dissonance, schemas, self-fulfilling prophecies, groupthink,modern racism, etc)

A) Briefly describe the relevant scene(you may assume that your reader has seen the film.

B)Describe in detail the social-psychology principle you believe is relevant, your job here is to demonstrate that you understand the principle or theory, and that you can describe it in your own words.

C)Elaborate on how the selected scene illustrates the principle you identifies It’s very important that you do more than simple say something like “this scene illustrates conformity”.

D) Remember, you must identify 3Different Social Psychological Principles that are relevant to your film. Your analysis should be succinct an well-written (5-6pages) and 2 Slides power point with 2 questions( pictures of the film)

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