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Three Sociological Paradigms

Description There are two parts to your first assignment. Submit both parts together in one, four-page, double line-spaced, 12 point font, Word file attachment. As for all your assignments, put your name and course number at the top and number all pages. 1st- Read the Introduction to the Understanding text and the attached essay on the Three Sociological Paradigms. Briefly describe a social situation you have attended that was defined to some degree by the music performed/played. How do functionalism, conflict theory and the sociology of everyday life approach the study of popular music? (2 pages) Secondly- Write your music autobiography. What was your first record/tape/CD? How did you get it (e.g., Was it a gift? Did you buy it? If so, where did you get the money to buy it?) How has your tastes in music changes over the years? What do you like now and why? How does music fit your relationships today? When, where and how do you listen to music today? (2 pages)

#Sociological #Paradigms

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