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For 5 points of extra credit please follow these instructions.

1. Tell us what you thought social justice meant before starting the course. Do not write an internet description, or something from a book, just your thoughts. If you had no idea then you can tell us that too however I suspect you had some definition in mind when you saw the name of the course.

2. Tell us why you care about social justice.

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As a medical professor, my role involves creating assignments and assessments for medical college students. I design and conduct lectures, evaluate student performance, and provide feedback through examinations and assignments. In this particular context, I will address the questions related to social justice and its significance.

Answer to Question 1:
Before starting the course, my understanding of social justice was centered around the idea of equality and fairness in society. I believed that social justice referred to the equal distribution of resources, opportunities, and rights among all individuals. However, I did not have a precise definition in mind and my understanding was based on general notions of fairness and equity.

Answer to Question 2:
I care deeply about social justice because it is an essential element for creating a just and inclusive society. Social justice addresses the systemic inequalities and injustices that exist in various dimensions, such as income, race, gender, and access to healthcare. As a medical professional, I witness firsthand how these inequalities affect the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Health disparities are often shaped by social determinants of health, including poverty, discrimination, and lack of access to essential resources. By advocating for social justice, we can work towards eliminating these inequities and ensuring that every person, regardless of their background, has equal opportunities to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Moreover, social justice is not just a matter of personal values; it is deeply rooted in ethical principles and human rights. It aligns with the fundamental principle of beneficence in healthcare, which highlights the importance of promoting the well-being of all individuals.

Promoting social justice in medical education and practice is crucial for addressing health disparities and fostering a more equitable healthcare system. By integrating social justice principles into medical curriculum and promoting awareness among future healthcare professionals, we can contribute to a society where everyone has access to quality healthcare, regardless of their socioeconomic status or identity.

In conclusion, my understanding of social justice before starting this course was based on concepts of fairness and equality. However, through my work as a medical professional, I have come to realize the vital role of social justice in addressing health disparities and creating a more equitable healthcare system. I am deeply committed to advocating for social justice and incorporating its principles into medical education and practice.

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