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3 page paper on nursing theorist. brief instructions in attached file Nursing Assignment Help

3 page paper on nursing theorist. brief instructions in attached file

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As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, it is crucial to ensure that the assignments provided to medical college students are informative, engaging, and relevant to their field of study. In this context, the assigned task is to write a 3-page paper on a nursing theorist. This assignment aims to familiarize students with the work of prominent nursing theorists and their contributions to the field. It also encourages students to critically analyze and discuss the relevance of these theories in modern nursing practice.


The paper on a nursing theorist requires students to research and provide a comprehensive analysis of a specific nursing theorist and their theories. Here are some guidelines and suggestions on how students can approach this assignment effectively:

1. Choose an Appropriate Nursing Theorist:
Students should select a nursing theorist who has made significant contributions to the field and has a substantial body of work. Commonly studied nursing theorists include Florence Nightingale, Virginia Henderson, Jean Watson, Hildegard Peplau, and Madeleine Leininger. Students can choose a theorist based on their interest or relevance to their area of specialization.

2. Research the Nursing Theorist:
To write a knowledgeable paper, students should thoroughly research the selected nursing theorist. They can refer to textbooks, reputable nursing journals, and credible online sources. Key aspects to consider during research include the theorist’s background, educational qualifications, professional experiences, and the historical context in which their theories were developed.

3. Analyze the Theorist’s Contributions:
Students should critically analyze the nursing theorist’s key concepts and ideas. They should identify and discuss the underlying assumptions, major principles, and core components of the theorist’s work. This analysis should include explaining how the theorist’s concepts relate to the nursing profession, patient care, and the overall healthcare system.

4. Evaluate the Relevance of the Theory:
Students should evaluate the current relevance and applicability of the nursing theory in contemporary nursing practice. They can examine whether the theory aligns with evidence-based practice, nursing standards, and current healthcare trends. It is important for students to provide examples and real-life scenarios to support their evaluation.

5. Discuss the Impact of the Theory:
Students should explore and discuss the impact of the nursing theorist’s work on the development of the nursing profession and patient care. They can examine how the theory has influenced nursing education, research, and practice. Additionally, students should reflect on the theory’s potential future implications and its ongoing influence in shaping nursing theory and practice.

6. Proper Formatting and Citations:
Students should adhere to the specified formatting guidelines provided by the professor. They should ensure that the paper is well-structured with appropriate headings and subheadings. In-text citations and a comprehensive reference list should be included to acknowledge all sources used in the paper, following the preferred citation style (e.g., APA, MLA).

By following these guidelines, students can successfully complete the assigned 3-page paper on a nursing theorist. This assignment provides an opportunity for students to delve into the world of nursing theory, enhancing their understanding of the field and its historical development. Furthermore, students can develop critical thinking skills and improve their ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world nursing scenarios.

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