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This is the third and final week allocated to the development of your literature review section of your Capstone. Each subsection of your literature review should be 3–5 pages, totaling a completed literature review of 9–15 pages. By the end of this week, you will also have a reference list with at least 25 scholarly resources which are present throughout you literature review section. 

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As a medical professor in charge of creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, I understand the importance of conducting a thorough literature review in the development of a capstone project. The literature review serves as a critical foundation for any research study, providing a comprehensive understanding of existing knowledge and identifying gaps that the study aims to address. In this specific context, the literature review section of the capstone project should consist of subsections, each spanning 3-5 pages, ultimately resulting in a completed literature review of 9-15 pages.

To achieve this, students should follow a structured approach. They should begin by identifying a clear research question or objective that will guide their literature search. This ensures that the review remains focused and relevant. They should then conduct a systematic search of scholarly resources such as academic journals, research articles, textbooks, and reputable online databases. These sources should be critically evaluated to ensure their credibility, relevance, and applicability to the research topic.

Once the relevant literature is identified, students should analyze and synthesize the information gathered to extract key findings, trends, and themes. It is important for students to critically evaluate each source, noting the strengths and weaknesses of the research methods, the validity of the findings, and any potential biases or limitations. This critical analysis is essential in ensuring the quality and accuracy of the literature review.

Throughout the literature review section, students should strive to establish connections and identify relationships between the different sources, highlighting any consensus or conflicting viewpoints. This helps to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge on the research topic. Additionally, students should identify any gaps or areas requiring further investigation, as this will contribute to the development of their own research objectives.

Finally, students should compile a reference list that includes a minimum of 25 scholarly resources. These references should be appropriately cited within the literature review section to give credit to the original authors and allow readers to locate the sources for further reading.

In conclusion, the literature review section of the capstone project is a critical component that requires students to conduct a comprehensive search, critically evaluate the identified sources, and synthesize the information gathered to establish a foundation for their own research. By following a structured approach, students will be able to create a literature review that is well-rounded, insightful, and substantiated by scholarly resources.

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