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HIM 445 AU Primary Care Clinic Project Nursing Assignment Help

For the clinic that you covered in last week’s “Selecting a Clinic Site” (in the paper attached I went with the first site, but I have changed that to the second site, Scripps Drive Medical Office Market) 4 double spaced pagesassignment, prepare the following components of the project charter:

The project’s title and date of authorization (Use the current date).

The project manager’s name and contact information. (fictitious name)

A brief description of the project’s objectives, including the business need or other justification for authorizing the project.

List of project deliverables.

Project success criteria.

A summary of the approach to managing the project, including identifying the stakeholder, the stakeholder(s) needs and expectation and the communication plan. Remember the definition of a stakeholder and be sure to include at least five parties involved or impacted by the project.

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In this project charter, we will outline the key components for the clinic site project titled “Selecting a Clinic Site.” The project charter serves as a document that authorizes and defines the project, providing a clear understanding of its objectives and deliverables. Additionally, it outlines the project manager’s role, project success criteria, and the approach to managing stakeholders and communication.

Title: Clinic Site Selection Project
Date of Authorization: [Current Date]

Project Manager: John Smith
Contact Information: Email:, Phone: 123-456-7890

Brief Description of Project Objectives:
The objective of the clinic site selection project is to identify and evaluate potential locations for establishing a new medical clinic. This project aims to address the business need for expanding medical services and catering to the growing healthcare demands of the community. By selecting an optimal clinic site, the project intends to ensure accessibility, convenience, and quality healthcare services for the target population.

List of Project Deliverables:
1. Comprehensive market analysis report for potential clinic sites
2. Site evaluation criteria and scoring matrix
3. A final recommendation for the selected clinic site
4. Cost estimation and budget plan for the clinic establishment
5. Project timeline and implementation plan

Project Success Criteria:
1. Selecting a clinic site that meets all regulatory and legal requirements
2. Obtaining community support and approval for the chosen site
3. Identifying a location that is easily accessible to the target population
4. Recommending a site with sufficient space and amenities for the clinic’s needs
5. Meeting the project’s budget and timeline goals

Approach to Managing the Project:
1. Healthcare Providers: Ensure their inputs are considered and incorporated into the site selection process.
2. Local Community: Address concerns and gain their support through effective communication and engagement.
3. Government Authorities: Comply with regulations, permits, and legal requirements for establishing a medical facility.
4. Patients and Potential Clients: Consider their needs and expectations to provide accessible and quality medical services.
5. Investors and Financial Institutions: Provide necessary financial information and updates to secure funding for the project.

Stakeholder Needs and Expectations:
1. Healthcare Providers: Desire a functional and well-equipped clinic site that enables efficient patient care delivery.
2. Local Community: Expect a clinic that offers accessible healthcare services and contributes positively to the community’s well-being.
3. Government Authorities: Require compliance with legal regulations, permits, and documentation.
4. Patients and Potential Clients: Look for a clinic site that is easily reachable, offers comprehensive services, and ensures a positive patient experience.
5. Investors and Financial Institutions: Seek assurance of a viable and profitable business venture through sound financial planning and well-defined project execution.

Communication Plan:
1. Regular project progress meetings between the project manager and stakeholders
2. Email updates and newsletters to keep stakeholders informed about important milestones and decisions.
3. Open forums or town hall meetings to address community concerns and gather feedback.
4. Utilize a project management platform to facilitate collaboration and document sharing among team members and stakeholders.
5. Timely response to queries and feedback from stakeholders through various communication channels (email, phone, in-person meetings).

By adopting this approach to managing the project and considering the needs and expectations of stakeholders, we aim to ensure a successful clinic site selection project that fulfills the business need and serves the community effectively.

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