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Question: The fear as the result of the recent Ebola cases Nursing Assignment Help

Question: The fear as the result of the recent Ebola cases outside of Africa is a security threat to developed countries. Considering the global financial constraints how should this be addressed?Discussion Requirements: 

  • The initial post should be written in APA format with a reference list.
  • You must use the supplied assigned reading sources*
  • The goal is to read and use all the assigned readings by the end of the week. It is unlikely that you will have time to read all the assigned readings before the initial post-deadline. Choose one or two articles that seem to provide an approach to the topic of the week that is interesting to you. Use those articles as the basis for your initial post and then continue to read the additional articles during the week to contribute to the discussion forum. This should be your strategy in each week since the reading list will become longer and more challenging.
  • There is a 500-word minimum initial post. Ensure that your substantial initial post provides your classmates with something to consider and comment upon. Demonstrate that you’ve thoroughly read the articles from the reading list that you have chosen and that you understand the basics of the theories you’ve chosen to discuss. Spend some time reading the responses of your peers.
  • Comment on the postings of your peers and respond with a welcome to each of them 

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