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Global health issues are those that have significant impact on the health of the international communities which may be either a preventable or treatable infectious disease or chronic conditions (Maurer & Smith, 2013, p.118).Health disparities occur among countries from developed to underdeveloped countries wherein the former would usually have more resources and economic stability. The standard of health care being provided to citizens of higher-income countries are higher than those of the middle-income and lower-income countries (Maurer & Smith, 2013, p.114).

One of the major health problems is due to malnutrition. It is because of many reasons such as poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness about nutritional facts, commercialization of food industry, improper agricultural Technics to grow food products, formation of bad eating habits, etc. To maintain a healthy community, it is important to coordinate many resources.

Poverty is one of the main problems for malnutrition in developing nations. But as a developed country improper commercialization in food industry is the major cause of unbalanced nourishment. As a human nature, taste is the main fact of developing eating habit. Modern industrialists manufacture food products focusing on the sales opportunity. This made them give less value of nutritional facts and supplemented with taste. The introduction of tasty food with less nutritional value attracted even those people in developed countries and started a tendency in the formation of bad eating habits. Lack of awareness and misleading advertisements promoted the sales and thus more and more people developed eating habits with unhealthy food.

Modern food industry introduced newer technologies to grow crops faster both in live stocks and agriculture. The uncontrolled use of steroids and pesticides developed a major role in malnutrition. Those food products manufactured in such adverse conditions drained the nutritional facts and the percentage of hazardous products in food became dominant so that the body system is no longer be able to absorb the nutrition from such food products.

Another major fact in malnutrition is the economy. As people are not able to meet their daily needs due to inflation, many were looking for cheaper products for the use in their daily life. Such instances developed low quality food consuming habit disregarding the adverse aspects such as health problems.

The awareness of food nutritional facts and availability of economically affordable quality food in low income communities are one of the best remedies for the problem.


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