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Teachers engage in a continuous cycle

Part 1: Lesson Plan

Teachers engage in a continuous cycle of planning, facilitating instruction, assessing learning, reflecting on the experiences and outcomes. The lesson plan template is the primary tool used in the planning stage.

For this assignment, you will complete the “Partial GCU Lesson Plan Template,”(document attached). You will complete Part II B: I Do and You Do by developing play-based lesson activities that align with the standards and lesson objective and Part III: Summative Assessment by describing a summative assessment that aligns to the standards and lesson objective.

To help complete this assignment, you may want to review lesson plans online, as teachers regularly share ideas and resources. If you utilize any ideas or resources that are not your own, be sure to give proper credit to the author

In addition, a completed lesson plan is attached for your reference.

Part 2: Reflection

In 275 word reflection, discuss your thoughts on play-based learning. Does this type of engagement influence the social-emotional learning of young children? Does play-based learning enhance learning outcomes? Explain.

Submit both the lesson plan and the reflection as one deliverable.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the attached Style Guide.

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