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Decision of reorganizing the department

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When a new director makes a decision of reorganizing the department without consulting the nurses who have been operating there for some time develops a conflict issue. This director rules autocratically which a style which builds tension among the management as well as employees. Nurses are important in the execution of better health care in the community and their roles are undisputable (Huber, 2018). Thus, nurses are supposed to be involved in changes that an organization wants and in decision making.

Conflict may be described as the perceived threat that can be external or internal, positive or negative and disruptive or competitive. Leaders are supposed to be attentive to negative and disruptive conflicts that impact people’s actions and feeling in an undesired way. In case a change is made without involving nurses lead to high turnover, resentment, frustration and negative patient results. Conflict resolution leads to the adoption of different strategies which include the following; defensive mode like avoiding the subject to prevent escalation as well as gain time. The other one is a compromise as well as meeting at halfway to ensure each party gains something and finally, creative problem solving which includes empathy with the involved parties, discussing in a constructive manner and developing an assertive dialogue which results in solution agreement (Huber, 2018).

As a nurse leader, in case of conflict, I would employ creative problem solving as a method of conflict resolution. I would make sure am familiar with the changing scope initiated by the director and understand the concerns of the staff as well as how the changes may negatively affect patient care, influence staff feelings and emotion and disrupt the entire nursing process. I would talk to the management to meet with the nurse staff to address the problem. Communication is a safe way for the management to share changes to the staff. I would motivate the nurses to speak out their concerns, remain assertive and communicate their ideas. I would also encourage an external mediator who is trusted, objective and knowledgeable.

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We have worked so hard to attain all of your nursing credentials, yes, now it’s time to put your skills to work in a professional setting and make your contribution to the healthcare profession, but you cannot just do it alone. Therefore, building a professional network is the opportunity you need so it can bring career advancement. In addition to helping grow your professional network and making lifelong friends, attending conferences can also give nurses a chance to break away from the stress of their everyday work and give your brain a break. Creating  a connection maybe able to offer direct help or put you in contact with someone who can directly help you, but you may be able to return the favor at some point by keeping the connection open for other people. Moreover, every professional connection should be based on interactions that involve knowledge sharing and mutual professional development

In fact, networking may play an even larger role when it comes to nursing jobs.  Nurses must develop strong relationships with peers and managers at both their current and former jobs. This means maintaining some level of contact with former coworkers to ensure relationships stay fresh and relevant and open. It also means developing relationships that are strong enough to be able to ask for and receive a glowing professional reference when needed. Given that nurse’s central role in patient care is maintaining current knowledge of trends and advancements, teamwork is vital too.

A situation in which I have networked for the health of a population or your community was when our facility lagged really behind in wound care, our new admissions from hospital always come with very bad wound and before we could start our own policy on wound care some are worse, I made my director of nursing hire a wound doctor I met when I was in school. The doctor created a wound tracking every Wednesday and sent some interested nurses to wound care training, since then we are one of the best if you ask me in our community.

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