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Get a chance to reacquaint yourself

It is important that you get a chance to reacquaint yourself with university study and the art of writing. Some of you may have recently studied. Whereas for others it may have been many years since you have written an academic piece. It is also likely that some have recently arrived from elsewhere and studied your first degree in a language other than English. Therefore we are going to ask you to write something small that 1) gets you back into the swing of things, 2) give us a sense of how we can support you with any extra resources and 3) helps you start to prepare for the third assignment. This assignment consists of a short (750 words) essay that helps you prepare for the third assignment (writing about coming into a new community). Using prose (full sentences) and making sure you cite at least three sources you have researched discuss the following in your essay: What did you have to say in assignment 2? How did you feel (or are you feeling) coming back to university as a postgraduate student? What have you noticed about the culture of Murdoch University that is new, strange and/or unique? Using sources from work you have read (eg. work posted on the unit LMS) what are some of the likely challenges you will have to deal with over the next semester?

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