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Diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease

The Assessment tasks are based on the following case study: Case Study: Isobel diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease You are caring for Isobel, a 45 yr. old Indigenous lady Family dynamics – married for 20 years with 4 young children. She previously worked part time as a shop assistance to augment financial income. Isobel’s husband, Barry, works fulltime as a landscape gardener. Over a period of several months Isobel has experienced weakness in her legs and arms and currently her health is deteriorating. Isobel was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease two months ago. She has recently been admitted to the Palliative Care Unit due to her deterioration. Isobel has been experiencing swallowing difficulties, incontinence, difficulty walking and her pain is uncontrolled. ASSESSMENT 1. (Summative) Students are required to research the origins of Palliative Care and provide a definition of Palliative Care. Students will define Motor Neuron Disease (MND) and discuss the pathophysiology, sign and symptoms and how MND impacts on a person’s ADL’s. Students will also discuss strategies and interventions to address the patient’s physical, cultural, spiritual and psychosocial needs. Marking points – This HAS to be covered in the work as it is what is marked. Did the student identify the origin of palliative care? Did the student give a definition of Palliative Care? Did the student clearly explain what Motor Neuron Disease is including: – Pathophysiological changes and impact on ADL – Sign/symptoms of MND – Diagnosis and treatment of MND Did the student explain – Strategies/ intervention required in relation to physical, cultural, spiritual and psychosocial needs for Isobel and her family (including resources, i.e. counselling Did the student explain in detail what should be documented in relation to Isobel’s care by the palliative care nurse?

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