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Point of Care Patient Testing

Point of Care Patient Testing (POCT) – ONPS 2425/6 Assignment – Introduction of a new POCT device Scenario: In order to improve patient access and throughput, a management review of the requirements for a busy emergency department at a regional hospital has established the need to provide POCT for troponin and creatinine . You have been asked by your manager to provide recommendations for the selection of appropriate POCT devices for these tests. Your Assignment: Provide justification for your choice of devices. To do this you will need to develop a selection criteria to compare the available devices. Then you will need to summarise your recommendations and consider any on- going operational procedures required in order to provide quality results for patient testing. Include in your answer recommendations with regard to: • Critical evaluation of testing devices which provide results appropriate to clinical requirements (i.e. is the chosen device fit for purpose ?) • Pre -analytical considerations o Instructions for patient preparation and sample collection o Patient safety and risk management o Operator handling & training required • Analytical considerations o Frequency and type of quality control (QC) o External quality assessment (EQA) procedures o Device maintenance requirements • Post -analytical o Instructions for the recording / reporting of results • Other general considerations for testing R. Greaves POCT Page 8 Some background notes about this assignment : For the successful completion of this exercise, you will need to think about all the aspects of testing for these analytes. This will include all of the quality specifications as we ll as the practical considerations such as user friendliness, cost, shelf -life of reagents, portability and so forth. ( Note: This is what you would need to do in a work environment if you were asked to select a new instrument – be it lab or POCT ). To do this you would first collate the data and include it in a spreadsheet for comparison. Then once your comparison and decision is made, you would write a brief report for your manager. Such a report is called an executive summary. These summaries are only one page in length – this is because your manager is busy and just wants your conclusions with brief justifications. Structure : Your details: Your executive summary and Excel sheet must have your name, student number, & date as a footer to the document. Justification = Excel spread sheet : Develop two spreadsheets (one for each analyte) to be presented in the one workbook (plus embedded as tables in the word document) . Each of these spreadsheets should critically compare devices against your s election criteria. Recommendations = Written (executive) summary : Provide a written summary justifying your recommendations. As this is an executive summary, your word document should be no more than two page of writing with a word limit of 500 for the written text. Referencing : Vancouver style. Place your relevant references at the bottom of your Excel sheet and just add the main references based on your decision to the word document

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