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2000-word Clinical Case Presentation essay

You are asked to produce a 2000-word Clinical Case Presentation essay, which may be based on a case from practice placement.  In the essay the student will explore the patients presenting complaint, relate this to the anatomy and physiology of that system and the pre hospital assessment of that complaint.  The student will then discuss the management of the presenting complaint according to assessment findings and pathophysiology.
The essay must explore the evidence based management of the complaint, drawing from appropriate sources and resources (such as local / national guidelines and policies).  You should aim to relate this back to the original signs and symptoms and anatomy / physiology / pathophysiology, i.e. how the management ‘helps’ the complaint.
The case presentation will be supported by material which is referenced using the Harvard referencing system.  In accordance with the school of health confidentiality policy, the student must ensure that there is no identifiable information in relation to the patient and placement area (including the ambulance service and hospitals).  The case study will make direct reference to the patient though this is purely used to discuss themes around presentation and management of conditions.
It is advised that an appendix is used to give the details of the patient assessment in medical model format.  The essence of the essay is around the management of a condition once diagnosed

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