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Applies to a dental assistant

1.    Give a definition of the ‘Code of Ethics,’ as it applies to a dental assistant
2.    How many (number) aspects make up the dental assistant’s code of ethics?
3.    What is the difference between ‘ethical responsibility’ and ‘legal responsibility’?
4.    Anne, a dental assistant you work with, has been telling her colleagues, that the dentist she has been allocated to assist on a Wednesday, does terrible dentistry and treats his patients badly. List the steps you could take to do something about Anne’s unethical behaviour?
5.    Patients have rights and expect a certain level of behaviour from the people they are paying to treat them. As a dental assistant you should ‘try to recognise the different needs your patients have.’ An example of a patient need might be a patient confined to a wheelchair.
From your own experience, list five ‘patient needs’ that you have been aware of with some of your patients.
6.    Briefly explain the difference between being employed under the ‘Health Professionals and Support Services Award’, and being employed under an ‘Enterprise Agreement.’
7.    Define what is meant by ‘a conflict of interest.’ Give one example of an improper action.

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