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Literature review for a research proposal

• Literature review for a research proposal project – No method section. • Topic: Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) as an intervention for feelings of shame in Substance Use Disorder.

You are a psychologist working in a residential treatment centre for substance use disorders. The treatment centre is based in Sydney and has 80 beds. The distribution of beds is 75% for male patients and 25% for female patients. The centre is very busy and all beds are always full. The residential treatment program involves a 4 week stay at the service centre. The treatment primarily uses a group CBT approach. Each day the clients have one group therapy session on CBT for substance use disorder. Other treatment approaches are also included in the afternoon such as art therapy, exercise therapy, and peer-mentoring sessions. There is scope for individual counseling once per week.

You notice that issues around shame often emerge during group therapy sessions and become interested in running an intervention for shame. The first step is generating evidence for such an intervention so that executives of the organization will support the intervention becoming a permanent part of treatment. To do this you will need to develop a research proposal.

Assessment task
You are required to write a research proposal that will address any research question relevant to the development of an intervention for shame in a residential substance abuse population. This can include a study that contributes to the development of theory or a study testing the effectiveness of a shame intervention itself. You may use any study design you wish but it must have a quantitative or qualitative data analyses (i.e. no purely theoretical submissions).

As you write your research proposal keep in mind that it is meant to explain what the problem is, what the study is testing, what the study will look like, how long the study will go for, and why the outcomes are important. You do not have to write a budget. You may include Figures in your Methods section if you wish.

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