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Risk factors of colorectal cancer

What are the risk factors of colorectal cancer?analisys and comparison in risk factors How to prevent colorectal cancer? How to recognize the most important symptoms of colorectal cancer for a early diagnosis? The purpose of this study is to understand the role played by some risk factors on occurrence of colorectal cancer in order to prevent it. At the end of this literature review, a clear image of the role played by each risk factor will be featured and better information of the public could be done. Few steps will be followed for the achievement of this purpose: Identify the most important risk factors. Understand the inter-relation between risk factors. Recognize relative risk. Prevention of colorectal cancer. This is a literature review based on various searches of peer-reviewed sources using bibliographic database Google scholar, PubMed, WebMD,, WHO, Science Direct. The following keywords were taken into consideration age, gender, risk factors, colorectal cancer, smoking, obesity, alcohol, cancer, causes, family history together with a series of filters such as recent publications (10 last years), only English and Greek resources, no animal studies.

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