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Write two paragraphs response

Write two paragraphs response for each video (powerpoint presentations). These videos are SWOT analysis of other students on the . I attach videos and directions. Self-evaluate and peer-evaluate with a focus on creativity and the concepts (or skills) developed during the course.    Provide and receive constructive feedback on strengths, opportunities for improvement, successes, and missed opportunities. It is just as important to identify strengths during a critique as it is to highlight opportunities for improvement.    Clarify assignment objectives, demonstrate fulfillment of course objectives, and solidify your understanding of the objectives.    Practice industry-relevant, professional skills, such as enhancing the paper, listening, critical thinking, and pitching ideas.    Develop critical awareness by participating in discussions and considering different ideas and approaches.    Learn from each other by sharing different perspectives. To help you provide a quality critique, consider the following guidelines, which are based on suggestions originally written by Irizarry and Connor:


Demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate contemporary theoretical and empirical debates about the nature of impairment and disability. SLO2 Understand disability as a socially-conferred status, not a fixed attribute of the individual, through examination of the impact of cultural values in conceptualising individual difference. SLO3 Reflect critically on attitudes and beliefs, issues of power, decision-making and control in relation to human service workers. SLO4 Recognise and examine the complexity of issues facing disabled people in relation to health, wellbeing, choice, independence and care. SLO5 Reflect on experiences of disability and demonstrate an understanding of how ethics, values, language and socially constructed views of disability may inform practice within the human services professions. SLO6 Evaluate recent Australian responses to people with disability within the context of international trends and policies and identify and appraise the contribution of the different disciplines to an understanding of the disability experience

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