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RESEARCH PAPER For this research paper discuss how American popular music has misappropriated American Indian culture. In this paper

For this research paper discuss how American popular music has misappropriated American Indian culture. In this paper make sure to define these terms: Singing Redface, Racial Antipathy, Idealized Sympathy, Cultural Misappropriation, and Cultural Confusion. In your paper I want you to address what Blackface Minstrelsy and Playing Indian/Singing Redface is and how they are related.
In addition to discussing and defining these terms, choose one musical example analyze how the music, lyrics, and performance are an example of Singing Redface. If a music video or album cover art is available use it to support the thesis of your argument. You can choose a song of your choice or a song that is mentioned in the textbook.
I would like you to also draw attention to ways in which Cinema also has a long history of Play Indian. Your paper should also address the following from the movie Reel Injun:
Hollywood has made over 4000 films about Native people over the past hundred years. Reel Injun takes a look at how North American Natives have been portrayed in Cinema over the past hundred years. In your research paper and presentation include aspects of the history of how Native Americans have been portrayed at different times in Cinema.
Areas to consider: during the early years of cinema, pre-great depression, after the great depression, during the 60s, during the 90s, and into present day. Describe what cultural reasons existed in each time period that would make Hollywood choose to portray First Nations people in the manner that they did.
Most importantly, think about the summer camp where children played at being Indian. What do you think about the camp specifically? What were the children learning about Indigenous culture? What song are they singing? Please support your answer. What do you think of situations where members of one society pretend to be members of another society like this? Please provide an example in our society (past or present) where people pretend to be a different race and how our society views these actions.
1500 to 1750 words
3 academic sources are required, but I would prefer to see at least 4 different sources used. Your textbook should be used as one of your sources
You can use your textbook as ONE document
You can use the movie Reel Injun as ONE source
Use an academic writing style guide such as APA, MLA, or Chicago
Footnotes, Endnotes, or Parenthetical citations must be used
Include a works cited page
Citations (Zotero) – to an external site.
Submit to
Canvas by 11:59PM on the assigned due date

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