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Health Question

Precious Teasley

IHP-525-Q3469 Biostatistics 24TW3

Southern New Hampshire University

Professor Cecilia Younger

Does Age Affect the Survival (Follow-up Status) of MI Patients?

The question asks if age has an impact on the survival chances of MI patients. MI stands for Myocardial Infarction which is commonly referred to as heart attack (Institute of Medicine, 2010). When people grow older, their body organs become weaker, and their functionality drops. This implies that an older patient’s heart is not as strong as a young person’s and in case of a heart attack, the mortality rate for older people is higher. The long-term survival of patients aged 65 and above with acute myocardial infarction is 65% (Kappagoda & Greenwood, 2012). Age affects the survival of MI patients. Younger patients have greater survival rates than older ones. The younger population is generally healthier and stronger; therefore, they have better chances. Their immunity is also higher and this generally boosts their health (Morrow, 2016). On the contrary, the older population is weaker and has minimal chances of surviving a heart attack.


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