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Apple’s 1984 Commercial   Verena Gonzalez Re-airing Apple’s iconic “1984” commercial during the

Apple’s 1984 Commercial


Verena Gonzalez

Re-airing Apple’s iconic “1984” commercial during the upcoming Super Bowl, with its heavy text and graphic-driven narrative, could capitalize on the brand’s substantial equity. This is by reinstating this nostalgic connection to Apple’s pioneering of innovation and creativity. The deep narrative and cinematic quality bring out the intense qualities of the ad from the mementos at that time (Editors, 2020). It can still reign over other contemporary ads for viewers’ attention. Such a move may rekindle a debate on Apple’s legacy and restore its dominating position in the market. Hence, it cashes in on the nostalgic value that would appeal to its older audience, upon whom the original broadcast still needs to be recovered or lost.

However, there are also weaknesses associated with re-airing this classic ad. The themes and visual style in this commercial, which was deemed groundbreaking in 1984, may need to be more appealing or go better with today’s younger audience. It might instead be considered out-of-date or irrelevant. Moreover, depending on an old advertisement would be uncreative and innovative, proving any of Apple’s brand values forward-thinking and modernity (Editors, 2020). This step would indicate that Apple rests on its laurels instead of breaking out with some new, state-of-the-art marketing strategy. However, with all these challenges, there are still opportunities for leveraging nostalgia marketing, a growing trend that connects with such diverse age groups.

By re-contextualizing the “1984” ad within a modern framework, such as pairing it with a new product launch or updated messaging, Apple could marry its storied past with its innovative present (Editors, 2020).  However, of course, in doing this, Apple will have to mind potential risks. Such an ad may be less impressive than more modern ones or could raise unintended controversy in today’s sociopolitical climate. It is this alignment of the ad with current market dynamics and audience expectations, given the current mindsets of people, that makes or breaks the advertisement in the modern advertising landscape.



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“happiness factory” Coca-cola superbowl 2007


Rosa Ramirez

The Coca-Cola “Happiness Factory” Super Bowl commercial, which aired in 2007, is an excellent piece of marketing that took viewers on a fantastical and magical journey inside a Coca-Cola vending machine. The first time I saw this advertisement I remember having a “good feeling,” and of course that nostalgia comes back when I watched it again.   The ad depicted a playful world where animated creatures work together to produce a bottle of Coke, highlighting the joy and magical experience associated with the brand (YouTube) (iSpot TV).
SWOT Analysis of Coca-Cola “Happiness Factory” Commercial
Strengths: The primary strength of the “Happiness Factory” commercial lies in its creative and visually captivating cartoon. This imaginative approach effectively captures attention and evokes a sense of wonder and joy, aligning well with Coca-Cola’s brand image of happiness and refreshment. The ad’s unique narrative and high production quality also contribute to its memorability, helping to create a strong emotional connection with the audience ( Video Archive 2024). 
Weaknesses: A potential weakness of the commercial is that its fantastical and abstract nature may not convey a clear and direct message about the product. While the visual appeal is high, the connection to the actual consumption experience of Coca-Cola might be less apparent, which could dilute the effectiveness of the ad in driving immediate sales or brand recall compared to more straightforward commercials ( Video Archive 2024).
Opportunities: Re-airing this commercial in a future Super Bowl presents an opportunity to leverage nostalgia, as viewers who remember the original ad might feel a renewed connection to the brand. Additionally, with advancements in animation technology, Coca-Cola could update the commercial to enhance its visual appeal further and incorporate interactive elements for digital platforms, thus broadening its reach and engagement among younger audiences (iSpot TV).
Threats: The main threat of re-airing this commercial lies in the evolving preferences and expectations of modern audiences. Today’s viewers might expect more inclusive and socially aware content. Additionally, the competitive landscape of Super Bowl advertising has intensified, with brands pushing the envelope in terms of creativity and message relevance. Therefore, Coca-Cola would need to ensure the ad remains relevant and resonates with present social and cultural norms to avoid potential backlash (YouTube) (iSpot TV).

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References (2007). Coca-Cola 2007 Super Bowl Commercial, Happiness Factory. Retrieved from (2007). 2007 COCA-COLA – Happiness Factory. Retrieved from 

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